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Rod Glass Washing Cleaning Mop

Rod Glass Washing Cleaning Mop

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Features 1: Glass Cleaning Tool

Features 2: Double-sided Telescopic Rod Window Cleaner

Features 3: Multi-function Glass Wiper

Features 4: Cleaner Floor Mop

Features 5: Rotatable Window Cleaner

Features 6: Glass Washing Cleaning Mop

Squeegee Material: Sponge

Model Number: Telescopic Glass Wiper

Usage: Window

Handle Material: Plastic

Feature: Eco-Friendly

Choice: yes

semi_Choice: yes


Why do I need a two-in-one glass cleaner?

For most people, cleaning the interior and exterior windows, bathrooms, doors, and rearview mirrors of cars is a problem. This product brought to you will solve this problem for you

What is the difference between our glass cleaner and others?

It includes a retractable pole that you can extend according to your preference to ensure that dirt is cleaned at high places; the retractable pole is easy to assemble and can be disassembled for storage or put in the trunk of a car.

Package include:

2-in-1 window cleaning head

Telescopic rod

Microfiber cloth x1

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