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Brush Brush

Silicone Shampoo Brush

Silicone Shampoo Brush

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Material: plastic silicone

Item Type: comb

Silicone shampoo scalp hair massager shampoo massage comb bath scalp massager hair shower brush comb care tool


Name: Hair Massage Comb

Size: 8 * 7cm

Material: plastic silicone

Product efficacy: Clean hair pores and root dirt, massage the scalp, reduce fatigue, and reduce hair damage


1. Clean the scalp thoroughly without leaving any dead spots

2. Easy foaming, fast foaming to reduce irritation

3. Massage the scalp for relaxation and relaxation

4. The extended handle does not harm the nail enhancement, and it fits snugly and conforms to the ergonomic curve

5. Removable design to avoid dirt and dirt inside the airbag

Package Included:

1*Shampoo brush

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