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Brush Brush

Car Interior Cleaning Tool

Car Interior Cleaning Tool

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Item Type: Sponges, Cloths & Brushes


1. Material: artificial fiber+plastic

2. Package contains:1PCS brush

3.Weight: 20g

Features: don't have to worry about dust on the brush hair, which is more hygienic. The brush is small and does not cover an area. It can be easily put into the bag and carried

2. The soft brush hair is marked, which is easy to clean the gap, and can clean the dusty place in the car in many directions to protect the car.

3. It is compact and practical. The doors, seats and trunk can be stored without occupying space and easy to clean.

4. This car detail brush has soft nylon bristles, which can clean the interior and exterior of the car without scratches.

5. The curved design of long and short bristles makes it easy to go deep into the air outlet to remove hidden dust.

6. The brush hair structure is firm and deep to prevent the brush hair from falling off after hard work or pulling out.

7. This car detail brush can be used inside and outside the car, such as dashboard and wheel nuts, home, office, etc.

8. It is small and light, convenient and comfortable to hold, and will not be tired after long use.

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